associate photographer packages

Same beautiful photos. Fraction of the price.

To make room for more weddings and cater to more budgets, I expanded my team in 2020 - adding on two associate photographers.

All the photos you see on this page were taken by my associates!

What would working with an associate be like?

I’ve personally trained my associates for months and months; they’ve shadowed me and shot alongside me for countless sessions, full size weddings, and intimate elopements. They truly are a “mini-me”.

I absolutely adore these ladies! There’s a reason why I hired them – they are kind, easy going, and so great to work with. What’s even better – your photos will still be edited by yours truly, so that they have that signature colorful timeless look! I’ll take care of you in every single aspect – emailing, contracting, invoicing, etc! You’ll get to know my associate a couple weeks before shooting, and they will be 100% there for you when it comes to your big day.

Meet the Team

Katie Griffith

Head photographer

Associate 1

Associate 1 shooter

Associate 2

Im another associate shooter

engagements/couples: $450

bridals: $475

bundle: $900


utah wedding packages start at $2300

stateside wedding packages start at $3600*

international wedding packages start at $4000*

utah elopements start at $1400

stateside elopements start at $2500*


*includes travel costs


Frequently Asked Questions



Do we get to choose the associate?

Both my associates are very trained, qualified, and so so talented! I will assign them to your big day/session based on their availability.

Who edits the photos?

I will be editing every single one of your photos! That way, your photos will have that signature, timeless edit that you see in my work. The associate photographer will just be photographing, not editing.

Can we book part of a package with you, and the other part with the associate?

You have lots of options here! To get the best price, you would want to book everything with the associate shooter. However, some couples choose to book engagements with me (Katie), and then the wedding day with the associate shooter! This is a way to get the best of both worlds while still bringing down the overall cost.

When do we get to meet the associate to make sure we mesh well?

You'll meet the associate virtually a couple weeks before the session/big day so you can get to know them! I've specifically hired these ladies not only for their skill and talent, but also for their demeanor and personalities. I would not send you someone that I personally wouldn't trust or get along with!